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  • Product Type: Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter with FOUND
  • Place of origin: USA
  • Model No: 3144P
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Products Information

Rosemount Engineers continue to set the standard for temperature measurement with the Rosemount 3144P with FOUNDATION™ fieldbus Temperature Transmitter. It is truly the ultimate transmitter for control and safety temperature measurement applications.

The multivariable dual-sensor input capability of the Rosemount 3144P allows it to accept simultaneous inputs from two sensors. You can use the Rosemount 3144P for differential, averaging or redundant temperature measurement. The transmitter also offers improved noise rejection. Transmitter Sensor Matching maximizes accuracy.

Rosemount 3144P FOUNDATION fieldbus Capablities
  Standard function blocks: 3 Analog Inputs and 1 Input Selector, plus Backup Link Active Scheduler (LAS)

  Regulatory Control Suite (2 PIDs with auto-tune for easy loop tuning, 1 Signal Characterizer, 1 Arithmetic, and 1 Output Splitter) offers value and flexibility when generating control strategies.

Advanced Diagnostic Suite with statistical process monitoring provides an early warning system for process changes.

PlantWeb alerts provide advanced trouble-shooting and operating assistance

  Hot Backup® and First Good Temperature features provide automatic sensor redundancy in case of sensor failure

  Sensor Drift Alert improves measurement reliability over time

  Transmitter-Sensor Matching feature improves system accuracy by 75%

LCD Meter provides convenient indication of temperature process and diagnostics, plus ability to display parameters of other devices

  5-year industry leading long term stability reduces maintenance costs

  18-bit analog-to-digital converter with ambient temperature compensation enhances performance and process quality

  Rugged dual-compartment housing for exceptional reliability

  FM, CSA, and CENELEC Hazardous Locations Certifications

Low 11mA power consumption for more devices per H1 segment

  Enhanced EMI rejection to provide more reliable reading in harsh environments

Emerson Process Management PlantWeb® Architecture
PlantWeb is the architecture that uses the power of intelligent field devices to improve plant performance and immediate troubleshooting assistance. The Emerson Process Management DeltaV system with AMSinside optimizes the field device intelligence during startup, operation, and maintenance. FOUNDATION fieldbus allows the implementation of PID control in the field device. Moving control closer to the process improves loop performance, reduces plant variability, and greatly reduces the size of the control room.

Rosemount 3144P Powers PlantWeb
The Rosemount 3144P Temperature Transmitter is an important element of the PlantWeb digital architecture.  This advanced instrument Powers PlantWeb by eliminating sensor error, communicating important temperature diagnostics and PlantWeb alerts to ensure process health.

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