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  • Model No: 3051series
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Products Information

Rosemount 3051C Coplanar Pressure Transmitters are the industry standard for Differential,
Gage, and Absolute pressure measurement. The Coplanar Platform enables seamless
integration with manifolds, flow and level solutions. Capabilities include:
 Power Advisory can proactively detect degraded electrical loop integrity issues (Option Code
 Local Operator Interface with straightforward menus and built-in configuration buttons
(Option Code M4)
 Safety Certification (Option Code QT)
Proven best-in-class performance,
reliability and safety
 Over 7 million installed
 Reference accuracy 0.04% of span
 Installed total performance of 0.14% of span
 10-year stability of 0.2% of URL
 SIL2/3 certified (IEC 61508)
Maximize installation and application
flexibility with the coplanar platform
 Improve reliability and performance with integrated DP
Flowmeters, DP Level solutions and integral manifolds
 Easy installation with all solutions fully assembled,
leak-tested and calibrated
 Meet your application needs with an unsurpassed offering
Advanced functionality
Power advisory diagnostics
 Detect on-scale failures caused by electrical loop issues before they impact your process
 This capability is safety certified for your most critical applications
Local operator interface
 Straightforward menus and built-in configuration buttons allow you commission the device in less
than a minute
 Configure in hazardous-area locations without removing the transmitter cover using external

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