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  • Product Type: UVS Flame Detector
  • Place of origin: USA
  • Model No: UVS Flame Detector
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  • Brand Name: Rosemount
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Products Information

The Single UVS (Ultraviolet) flame detector delivers high performance detection designed to meet strict industry performance requirements. A precisely tuned spectrum of radiation must be recognized and confirmed by our advanced UV sensor to initiate a fire condition, yet it is immune to incandescent or fluorescent lighting, heaters or sunlight — so false alarms are considerably reduced. The Single UVS is designed for simple installation and lower maintenance costs while delivering superior safety performance.
„„ Extremely low power consumption increases
uptime and lowers overall costs
„„ Wide voltage range allows for greater stability
and system compatibility
„„ Manual and automatic testing of optical surfaces
— constantly monitors internal electronics
„„ Designed for extreme conditions, operational
from -50 °C—+75 °C
„„ Compact and lightweight for ease of installation
— fully adjustable swivel mount is included
„„ Three year warranty electronics/two years on
„„ 120° field of view!
„„ Field-selectable sensitivity and delay settings
allows operators to fine tune at installation site
„„ Global certifications and approvals

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