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  • Product Type: 500 GC
  • Place of origin: USA
  • Model No: 500 GC
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  • Brand Name: Rosemount
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Products Information

The Model 500 Process Gas Chromatograph is an  advanced combination of technology and rugged
instrumentation that helps make the most of existing plant manpower. Today’s trend toward
downsizing means instrument technicians have more to do in less time. Instrumentation has
to be more reliable and easier to use than ever  before. Emerson’s Rosemount Analytical Process
Gas Chromatographs are your best choice;  we have built our reputation on equipment
reliability and long-term performance combined  with ease of use
„„ Proven performance with thousands of units installed
around the globe
„„ Isothermal analysis with 1 or thermal conductivity detectors
/heat sink airless ovens
„„ Fully compatible with modern Ethernet networks and DCS
„„ Designed for field mounting without the need for expensive
analyzer shelters or sacrificing analytical power
„„ Diaphragm-based 6-port chromatograph valves
„„ Liquid and gas analysis in a single unit
„„ Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) sensitive down to very
low parts-per-million levels
„„ Flame Photometric Detector (FPD) also available
„„ Every Model 500 is rigorously tested in an environmental
chamber between 0° to 130 °F for 24 hours minimum
„„ Last chromatogram for eash sample and calibration stream
stored in process gas chromatograph
„„ Archives up to 64 item averages, up to 35 days of standard
runs and calculations
The Model 500 Process Gas Chromatograph is designed to
operate unattended. If, however, adjustments are needed, our
exclusive MON2000™ software allows complete control of your
gas chromatographs – either locally or remotely.
From within MON2000, a user can:
JJ Review and modify analytical settings
JJ Upload and display multiple chromatograms on the screen
for comparison
JJ Upload and trend any of the measured results
JJ Export data for use in other third-party applications
JJ Overlay multiple chromatograms for troubleshooting and
JJ Check original calibration against last calibration
The MON2000 Software is Windows® - based software designed
to make analyzer configuration, maintenance, and data
collection easy. With intuitive dropdown menus and fill-in-theblank
tables, even new users can quickly navigate through the

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