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  • Product Type: Type 1290 Vapor Recovery Regulator
  • Place of origin: USA
  • Model No: Type 1290 Vapor Recovery Regulator
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  • Brand Name: USA
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Products Information

Type 1290 Vapor Recovery Regulator 

Type 1290 vapor recovery regulator is a self-contained, pilot-operated regulator system used for vapor recovery blanketing gas. When blanketing gas pressure inside the vessel rises, due to thermal heating or pumping-in of product, the Type 1290 regulator senses an increase in vessel pressure and vents excessive internal tank pressure to a vapor recovery storage tank.

A Position Monitor Bracket (PMB) is available for the Type 1290 to mount the 4300 Series Wireless Position Monitors to the travel indicator. The PMB mounting kit is compatible with both Topworx 4310 and Fisher 4320 Wireless Position Monitors.

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