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  • Product Type: SensyTemp TSHY (HY R)
  • Place of origin: USA
  • Model No: SensyTemp TSHY (HY R)
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Products Information

The temperature sensors TSHY (SensyTemp HY R) have been
designed, in terms of construction, choice of materials and
mounting, specially for use in the food and beverage industries.
Several designs are available for mounting at measuring junctions.
The hygienic conditions are complied with as well as the
requirement of reliable cleaning using the CIP method.
Another special feature is the halftime of < 2.5 seconds. With this
short halftime, the measurement and control tasks on the largesurface
heat exchangers in these industries with their short reaction
times are performed reliably.
The measured value can be transmitted as a Pt 100 signal or by
the installed transmitter as a 4...20 mA current signal. A programmable
or HART-compatible transmitter can be integrated
upon request.
Sensors with installed head-mounted transmitters comply with
the EMC Directive 89/336/EEC of May 1989 and the EU Directive
for CE conformity identification.
Resistance element
1 x Pt 100 in accordance with EN 60751, class A, 3-wire circuit
2 x Pt 100 in accordance with EN 60751, class B, 2-wire circuit
Measuring range
Temperature: -50....+250 °C
Pressure: For HY R-1E see details about compression
fitting on page 2
For HY R-2E max. 140 bar
For HY R-5E in accordance with the pressure class of the
Response time
acc. to VDE/VDI 3511, media water, v = 0,4 m/s
HY R-1E + R-5E + R-7E HY R-1E with SR HY R-2E
t0,5 < 2.5 s 5.0 s 2.0 s
t0,9 < 5.2 s 11.4 s* 3.4 s
* This value can be reduced to 6 s by using heat-conductive paste.
Insulation voltage
Max. 250 V DC
Sensor tube
For HY R-1E Smooth without compression fitting
For HY R-2E With fixed insertion length, spherical welded
For HY R-5E With fixed insertion length and weld-on flange
For HY R-7E With fixed insertion length, metal sealing system
Length In accordance with order details
or dimensional drawings
Diameter 6 or 6/4 mm (see dimensional drawings)
Material Stainless steel 1.4571 (AISI 316-TI)

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