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About Us

Welcome to Visit Guicheng Group (Hongkong) Limited Website
Guicheng Group (Hongkong) Limited have been specialists in the procurement and supply of mechnical and electrical products. We offer a wide range of engineering services and process engineering. Dealers and production facilities around the world work with us as partners for the acquisition of aggregates, components, spare-parts and those parts subject to wear-and-tear and other operating equipment. We have built up  and kept good relationships with our vendor such as ROTOR/WIKA/ SIEMENS/E+H /CELLA. Our fast and reliable service helps to reduce losses and production breakdown, as well as change-over time, to a minimum.

As a medium-sized corporation, our communication channels and decision-making processes are short. Our own intermediate storage and IT-based consolidation of smaller orders mean that we are in a position to generate for our customers synergies and cost advantages during the procurement process, as well as for freight.