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Temperature Measurement

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Products Information

Resistance Thermometer Temperature Sensor
For a measuring insert with a Pt100 resistance sensor, the temperature-sensitive sensor element is made from platinum RTD whose value at 0℃/ +32°F is 100 Ω. The electrical resistance of metals increases according to a mathematical function as the temperature rises.

This effect is used with resistance thermometers to measure the temperature: a constant current I flows through the Pt100 RTD, creating a voltage drop U. The resistance “R” follows Ohm’s Law: R = U / I and corresponds to a specific temperature. The temperature dependency is repeatable and is standardised in a characteristic curve.
 Oil and gas
 Energy supply
 Machine building
 Food and beverage
 Water and wastewater
 Iron and steel
 Pulp and paper

TSR-A : Armoured resistance thermometer

The temperature components are armoured resistance thermometer insert, and protected by metal tube. Implementation of standards: JB/T8622-1997. Need to detect or replacement insert, draw out directly from the protection tube, no need to stop feeding. Used to measure gas and liquid temperature, measuring range: -200-550℃. it is widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, textile and other fields.
 Variety of process connection
 Measurement experienced
TSR-W : Cable-type resistance thermometer
The series of resistance thermometer are used for temperature measurement of narrow occasions, response time is short. It is widely used in textiles, chemicals, plastics, food, pharmaceutical and other fields. 
 Short response time
 Variety of process connection
 Measurement experienced
TSR-H : sanitary resistance thermometer
The series of resistance thermometer using clamp connections, in accordance with ISO2852, insert a sanitary pipeline, put the temperature-sensing element in a protective tube, filled with heat conduct glue. Insert with PTFE insulated wire can not be replaced. It has short response time and vibration advantages. Mainly used in food, pharmaceutical and other sanitary gas or liquid’s temperature measurement.
 Sanitary design
 Short response time
 Variety of process connection
TSR-M : Armoured resistance thermometer
It can be equipped with a terminal block or temperature transmitter for gas or liquid temperature measurement in the pipe. 
 Variety of process connection
 Measurement experienced

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