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Products Information

Calibration software
JOFRACAL calibration software 

JOFRACAL calibration software ensures easy calibration of RTD´s, thermocouples, transmitters, thermoswithes, pressure gauges and pressure switches. JOFRACAL software may be used with the well-known JOFRA temperature calibrators as well as with JOFRA pressure and signal calibrators. Furthermore JOFRACAL functions as a stand-alone product.

JOFRACAL software provides an entirely automatic calibration of sensors and a semi-automatic calibration of the complete process loop by means of a PC. The software handles the comparison between the process
readout value and the reference value; a measurement typically required within ISO9000, GMP, or HACCP systems. Additionally, this evaluation may be performed on-site without electrical interruption of the loop.


JOFRACAL is capable of performing pressure calibration as well as temperature calibration. JOFRACAL software controls the complete calibration procedure, stores the results and provides a calibration audit trail through hard-copy certificates. All calibration data are stored for each sensor to monitor drift and optimise recalibration intervals. A scheduler feature allows planning of future calibrations.


JOFRA instrument combinations

JOFRACAL can be used with JOFRA HPC, DPC-500, APC, CPC and IPI pressure calibrators, all JOFRA temperature calibrators, as well as JOFRA AMC900, ASC multi signal calibrators and the ASM-800 signal multi scanner. When used with JOFRA ASM-800 signal multi scanner, JOFRACAL can perform a simultaneous automatic calibration on up to 24 pressure or temperature devices at the same time.

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