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Products Information

Isolation Safety Gate WE77
Digital input, relay output isolated safety barrier
The product receives digital input from the danger zone, transmitted to the safe area relay output through the isolated barrier. It has input disconnection detection and alarm indication and input and output inverting setting function. The product requires an independent power. Power, input and output isolated from each other.

The product can be used with H250/H54DK32/DK34/DK37 and other types of flowmeters, and also be used with BM26G/BW25G/BM51 level measurement’s supporting switch.
 Danger zone switch, grounding switch input
 Security zone relay output
 Response time: ≤20ms
 Drive capability :50VAC,2A or 30VDC,2A
 Resistive load
 Security isolation
 Electromagnetic compatibility with GB/T 18268
 NEPSI Explosion-proof certification
 ME Series Plastic shell structure of the German Phoenix company
 Environment: Without strong vibration, shock, high-current, spark and so on electromagnetic induction effect. The air does not contain corrosive medium, which corrode chromium, nickel, silver coating.

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