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Explosion-proof Indicator
BM7X series instrument are using passive way, apply to the vast majority of occasions, can display level, temperature, pressure, flow and other signal’s 4-20mA value. This product is no special requirements for installation conditions.

The instrument consists of an electronic unit, a set of explosion-proof shell. This circuit has the intrinsically safe explosion-proof characteristics, shell has flameproof characteristics.
 Using a standard 4-20mA loop, automatically get the power
 Input signal:3.80-21.60mA
 High-precision sampling resistor, resolution up to 0.0625mV
 Measurement accuracy: 0.2%
 Ambient temperature: -25 - +65 °C
 6 bit LCD display
 Connection: series in the standard 4-20mA loop
 Electrical interface: two M20 × 1.5
 Can set the range
 Reading way can be set
 Zero point and full range point can be adjusted
 Shell protection: IP67
 Standards for explosion proof: Ex iallCT4-T6, Ex dllCT6
 Can be horizontal and vertical mounting

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