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Lever Measurement

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Products Information

General-Purpose Level Radar
For standard applications on storage tanks, for still wells and reference vessel; high performance and low price.

 Local display optional
 Connections for Food Industry available
 Different antenna types
 Measuring range up to 20 m / 66 ft
 Standard HART output
 Simple to commission in the field or via PC
Level-Radar measuring system
The modular design allows us to provide the optimum solution for your measuring problem.The system consists of 
Flange and antenna are available in various versions,sizes and materials. 
Horn antenna
Most frequently used antenna,available in different metals. 
Application in reactors,process and storage vessels as well as waste water tanks and still wells.
A tubular antenna extension is passed through the product and down to the tank bottom.The antenna extension interconnects with the tank,and for this purpose a vent hole is festured in the top part of the extension.Suitable for spherical tanks,horizontal and vertical vessels containing relatively clean products,or liquefied gases. 
The dielectric rod antenna and the sealing face of the connecting flange are made of PTFE.Resistant to high-temperature steam,CIP/SIP capability up to 160℃ (320℉). 
Antenna extension
Straight,rectangular or S-shaped extensions are available for specific and particularly difficult application conditions,Such extensions are used in case where the antenna and where there are problems of space. 
High-temperature distance piece
Is mounted between flange and converter to protect the electronics of the converter against high temperature. 
Antenna purging system
The purging system is used for cleaning,heating and cooling the antenna.The purging medium is introduced through the connecting flange.Application in the petrochemical,chemical and pharmaceutical industries under conditions of very low and very high temperatures and with products tending to from deposits and incrustations. 

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