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Lever Measurement

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Products Information

Level Transmitters - LT 100
The LT100 is designed for liquid level measurement in storage or process tanks.The products must not be adhesive or of high viscosity.The min. density is 0.4 kg/l or 25 lb/ft3.Optional:Interface level between two immiscible liquids.The difference in density between both liquids needs to be min. 100g/l.
 Long-distance data transmission up to 2000m
 Simple and rugged design for pressures up to 40 bar/580 psig and temperatures up to 130℃/266℉
 Guide tube length 0.3 - 6 m
 Wetted parts of stainless stell;foraggressive products coated with PVC,PP,PVDF,PTFE
 Interface detection also possible
Measuring Principle
A float guided on a non-magnetic tube follows the level of the liquid surface, thereby actuating the reed switches located inside the tube by means of a built-in magnet system. The reed switches shunt over parts of a resistor string. The magnet system operates the reed switches according to the position of the float and thus causes the resistance of the resistor string to change as a function of the liquid level. The float travel distance can be limited by stops fitted to the guide tube. The signal conditioner produces an output signal from 4 – 20 mA. 


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