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Lever Measurement

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Products Information

Wire Level Gauge
The BM 51 Level gauges are used for measuring liquid levels in open-topped or pressurized vessels and tanks. 
 Simple, rugged construction
 Up to four electronic limit switches
 Protection category IP 56,equivalent to NEMA 3
 Measuring range 1.5 to 6 m (5 to 19.68 ft)
 Connection flange DN 80, PN 16 DN 50, DN 100–DN 200 / PN 6–40 2”-8”, 150–300 lb
 Process temperature–200 … +400°C(–328 … +752°F)
 Accuracy ±3mm of full scale range
 Chemical and Petrochemical
 Oil and Gas
Measuring Principle
Both instruments operate on the float principle. A float with built-in magnet system is guided on a non-magnetic tube. It follows the liquid level in the vessel, thereby causing the magnet system to move the follower magnet inside the tube. Changes in level are transmitted via a flexible wire cable to a measuring drum. The weight of the follower magnet is balanced by a spring motor. System operation is thus non-interacting. The indicating device and data transfer system are actuated by the measuring drum via a toothed gearing. 


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