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Frequency Inverters

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Products Information

Rotor (UK) have been stocking and ditributing AC-Tech inverters manufactured in the USA since early 1990s!

The SCF Series

Although the SCF Inverters belong to the sub-micro category, they offer capabilities normally found only on much larger drives. They offer an output range from 0.18kW to 18.5kW and supply power capability from 120V to 590V 50Hz/60Hz! The SCF series drives justify using variable frequency for superior performance in applications that previously used reversing, two-speed or star/delta starters, soft starters, DC drives or mechanical means of variable speed. Available Ex Stock !

The SCL Series

Low Cost Essential Featured SCL Series is derived from the highly successful SCF Series. The inverter drives are single-phase with integral filter and offer cost effective solutions for output power from 0.25kW to 2.2kW.

A special "Through Hole" mounted inverter execution with oversized heatsink is available.

Inverters fitted in a IP55 cabinet available ex stock. The inverter has the heatsink behind the cabinet for improved cooling. The switchgear on the front panel consists of ON/OFF Switch, Forward/Reverse Switch and a Potentiometer for speed control. The inverter electronics and the EMC filter is protected inside the cabinet.


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