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How to distinguish between genuine and fake WIKA pressure tr

2013-02-06 22:58
Germany  WIKA instrument Corporation is the world's most famous manufacturers, occupy higher market share all through the world, it is possible for you  to encounter the imitation and counterfeiting.

In order to guarantee your interests, you can distinguish between true and false product in four  simple steps

1., step one: as shown in figure a, genuine wika  transmitters have beautifully packed appearance of, labels, marks

                                                                                                                               Figure  a

2. step two: as shown in Figure b, genuine wika  transmitters  have  the seal gasket . with  the same  colour blue  as company LOGO

                          Figure b
3. step three: as shown in figure c, each WIKA pressure transmitters have a unique serial number(S#) on the label and a unique product code(P#)

                                              Figure c

4. as shown in Figure d, genuine wika transmitter either A-10, S-10 or S-11, and others, its multilingual brochures are over more than 50 pages thick, clear impression.

But counterfeit: usually 1 sheet of paper.

                                            Figure d

Through the above methods to ensure you can purchase authentic Germany  WIKA products.  We can  provide free identification serv