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Electronic Pressure Measuremen

  • Product Type: Pressure transmitter for air compressors
  • Place of origin: Germany
  • Model No: C-2
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  • Delivery Time: 8-10 weeks
  • Brand Name: WIKA
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Products Information

Pressure transmitter for air compressors
Model C-2


  • Pressure monitoring
  • Pressure controlling and regulation
  • Filter monitoring in screw-type, piston and turbo compressors

Special Features

  • Rugged one piece housing
  • Compact design
  • High reliability and durability

left: flying leads, G 1/4 B EN 837
right: Metri Pack, G 1/4 A DIN 3852-E





High quality and flexibility
The model C-2 pressure transmitter has been designed for use in air compressors and compressed air stations. With measuring ranges from 0 ... 6 to 0 ... 60 bar, it covers almost the entire spectrum of currently available power classes for air compressors.

The high demands that are placed on its robustness by these applications, are fulfilled without a problem by this pressure transmitter. This instrument features a vibration resistance of 20 g (in accordance with IEC 60068-2-6) and wetted parts that are suited to compressed air and lubricating oil.


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