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Electronic Pressure Measuremen

  • Product Type: OEM pressure transmitter for general industrial ap
  • Place of origin: Germany
  • Model No: TO-1
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  • Delivery Time: 8-10 weeks
  • Brand Name: WIKA
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Products Information

OEM pressure transmitter for general industrial applications
Model OT-1


General industrial applications

  • Machine building
  • Hydraulics
  • Pneumatics

Special Features

  • Fully automated production for OEM volumes
  • Compact design
  • MTTFd values > 100 years
M12x1, G1/4 DIN 3852-E




For universal application
The OT-1 is the ideal product for customers who want to use a cost optimised pressure transmitter. As many electrical output signals and pressure connections are available, the pressure transmitter can be easily integrated into a wide variety of applications. The case consists of a highly resistive, fiberglass-enforced plastic material (PBT). This material has been successfully used in the automotive industry for many years. Inside the case a metal pod is responsible for a good EMI-protection.

Excellent performance
The hermetically welded thin film measuring cell guarantees long-term leak tightness. There are no additional sealing materials required.

The thin film measuring cell is made of high quality stainless steel using sputtering technology to offer high long-term stability and excellent burst pressure values.

Interesting price/performance ratio
The pressure transmitter OT-1 has been specially developed for OEM applications in the machine building industry, particularly hydraulics and pneumatics. The transmitter is manufactured on a fully automated production line. Especially for high-volume OEM requirements this product concept is particularly interesting due to its excellent price/performance ratio.

Individual versions to customer specifications
Due to its manufacturing know-how gained in many years of experience WIKA can offer customised solutions.


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