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Electrical Temperature Measure

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Products Information

Analogue temperature transmitter,
Model T19.10, configurable ranges, head mounting
Model T19.30, configurable ranges, rail mounting


* Plant construction
* Power engineering
* Heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, refrigeration

Special Features

* Designs for Pt100
* Configurable measuring ranges (bridges)
* Output 4...20mA, 2 wire design
* Fault signal for sensor burnout and sensor short circuiting
* Large ambient temperature range

Compact and reasonably priced

Left:   Model T19.10
Right: Model T19.30

These temperature transmitters serve to convert temperaturedependent changes in resistance in the case of resistance thermometers or temperature-dependent changes in voltage in the case of thermocouples into a 4...20mA loop signal. This method guarantees an easy and reliable transmission of the  temperature values measured. The transmitters in the T19 series are provided with configurable ranges. One of several available measuring ranges can be selected simply by setting solder bridges.

The case is designed as a head-mounted transmitter for direct installation into the temperature probe and can be mounted into any DIN connection head of form B with no problem. The rail mounting case fits to any standard rail per DIN EN 50 022 - 35.

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