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ECA Registered Motors

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Products Information

Motors registered with ETL
Eligible for Enhanced Capital Allowance

rotor nl® High Efficient Motors have been registeredwith Carbon Trust and DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) and the Revenue and Customs as they meet the appropriate energy saving criteria. Businesses investing in these products will be able to claim Enhance Capital Allowance.
Valid for installation in the United Kingdom only.

The Enhanced Capital Allowance encourages businesses to invest in energy saving equipment. The list of eligible products is referred to as the Energy Technology List (ETL).

For more information please visit DEFRA WebSite: www.eca.gov.uk


rotor nl® Marine Motors for Essential and Non-essential Service have been sold worldwide and create an integral part of on-board equipment, port equipment as well as for off-shore.


List of rotor nl®  motors registered with ETL can be downloaded from here.

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