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Coolant Pumps

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Products Information

COOLANT PUMPS for Machine Tools

3COA - Three-phase
9COA - Single-phase
Electric pumps 3COA and 9COA have been designed for pumping of cooling liquids, cutting compounds and oil with maximum viscosity of 150 mm2s-1 (at 20° C) and the temperature range of pumped liquids being 0° to 60°C. Motor protection is IP44.

The 3COA and 9COA pumps are of flanged design for vertical assembly directly on top of the coolant vessel. The pumps are integral with three-phase (3COA) or single-phase (9COA) electric squirrel cage motor. The maximum and minimum immersion must be maintained and can be obtained from the drawing.The fitting dimensions are to DIN 5440. It is recommended to fit the suction opening on the bottom end of the pump with a sieve in order to prevent any ingress of impurities in the pump's chamber.

Download Leaflet  COV - Three-phase
Suitable for pumping liquids with max. viscosity of 90 mm2s-1 (12°E) (at 20° C). COV pumps are widely used for cooling and lubrication of machine tools where higher pressure is needed for washing off swarfs and/or for pressure pumping of cooling and lubrication liquid through filters. The pumps are also used on filtration equipment for oil treatment, in chemical laboratories as well as in photo-chemical industry. The temperature range of pumped liquid is 0° to +60°C. Motor protection is IP54

The COV pumps are flange mounted designed for vertical mounting. The pumps are driven by a squirrel-cage electric motor of IP54 protection and insulation class F/B. When in operation the pump chamber must be fully immersed in the pumped liquid. The pumped liquid must not contain any larger mechanical impurities.
COV pumps are suitable for humid or tropical environment.

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